Debit Card Fraud and Breaches

The Bank of Herrin utilizes a card monitoring service.  As unusual activity is detected in the network, the bank is notified of cards that are at high risk for fraud.  When we receive notification, we begin contacting our customers.  It is important that we have updated phone numbers for each customer.  After speaking with you, we will close your card and order you a new card.  If you have questions, or special needs, please feel free to ask when we call or call and speak with one of our staff.

If unusual activity is detected on a card, our card monitoring department will notify you and ask you to verify a transaction.  They will never ask for your card number, account number, or social security number.

If you lose or have your debit card stolen during banking hours, please call the bank at 618-942-6666.  We can connect you to any of our branches from this number.  If you lose or have your debit card stolen after banking hours, you may contact our debit card service at 1-800-264-4274 to report your card is lost.

Beginning September 8, 2014, we will offer the ability to turn your debit card on or off through our mobile banking ap.


Bank of Herrin