Trust Services Covered Under the Present Fee Schedule

  • Make investments
  • Deposit income
  • Disburse income
  • Do quarterly and annual accountings
  • Figure fees
  • Preparation of tax material for CPAs
  • Attorneys


  • $50.00 initial set up fee.
  • 5% of income and $3.00 per $1,000.00 of Assets Annually

Life Insurance Trusts

  • $500.00 per year plus postage.
  • New Insurance Trust Accounts:
  • $500.00 with account relationship**
  • $1,000.00 without account relationship

Each additional policy added to account at $100.00 each policy

If the trustee is to distribute the proceeds of the policy/policies because of the death of the grantor/insured then a charge of 1% of the first $100,000.00 and 1/2 of the 1% of the remainder of the policy proceeds shall be made subject to a $1,000.00 minimum

Any policy exchanges, obtaining a loan against the policy or exercise of conversion privileges there will be an additional $500.00 charge

**means maintaining an average account balance of $1,000.00 or more

Land Trust

  • $50.00 First $100M and 25 cents per 1000 over $100M

Living Trust Trust Under Agreement

  • 5% of income $3.00 per $1,000.00 of assets annually with 1/12 taken monthly

Trustee Under Pension And Profit-sharing Plans

  • 5% of income and $3.00 per $1,000.00 of assets annually

Trustee Under Will

  • 5% of income and $3.00 per $1,000.00 assets annually

Minimum Fee

  • $500.00 Per Year On All Trusts, minimum fee will only be applied to market value, the 5% of income will still apply in addition to market value
  • Closing fee of one quarter annual charge, not to exceed one quarter fee in any one quarter, with a minimum of $500.00

Conservators By VA Appointment

  • 6% of income only, annually, per letter from VA dated 4/2/75 An initial opening fee of $50.00

Executor and Administrator Estate Fees

Please contact a trust officer for pricing


Extra Services

Each accounting over one per quarter $10.00 each $2.00 per check (extra service we have experienced, but not limited to these and these only)

  • Utilities
  • Insurance
  • Meals on Wheels
  • Prescriptions
  • Doctors
  • Rent
  • Building maintenance
  • Nursing Home
  • Monthly fees
  • Yard work
  • Clean up
  • Dog Care
  • Purchases of miscellaneous items
  • Payroll
  • $5.00 per person per pay


  • Initial $100.00 set up fee, first 5 year holding fee $100.00, for total of $200.00
  • $50.00 for each 5 year period
  • $150.00 a year to collect payments and remit to sellers

Fiscal Agent

  • $500.00 per year for each issue of Bonds for Administration
  • .20 cents per coupon for paying coupon
  • .20 cents per coupon for cremating coupon
  • 2.50 per bond for paying bond
  • .25 cents per bond for cremating bond

Where a Trust is either terminated or transferred in whole or in part, requiring distribution of assets to someone other than the bank the following fees will apply:

  • During the 1st year – 1% market value assets
  • During the 2nd year – .75% market value assets
  • During the 3rd year – .50% market value assets
  • After 3rd year – time spent
  • Minimum termination fee of $500

Miscellaneous Extra’s

  • $75.00 Per hour by Trust Staff
  • $100.00 Per Hour by Assistant Trust Officer (some miscellaneous we have experienced, but not limited to these and these only)
  • $150.00 Per Hour by Trust Officer (some miscellaneous we have experienced, but not limited to these and these only)
    • Obtaining estimates for siding, furnaces, care repair, etc.
    • Medicare (doing copies of explanation of benefits, cover letter to insurance companies, envelope,
    • postage)
    • Time to make purchases
    • Visits to nursing home
    • Show property
    • Phone conferences
    • Cemetery flowers
    • Reporting interest paid on mortgages
Bank of Herrin