We converted to a new online banking and mobile app provider on 7/28/20. Here are some helpful links and tips to get you signed into and navigating our new digital banking products!

Commonly Asked Questions and Answers


Q: I’m having trouble finding the new app in the App Store/Play Store?

A: Search for “The Bank of Herrin” in your app store or click the link below to easily find our app in the Play Store/App Store

Android App

Apple App


Q: I was signed up for online banking or the mobile app before. How do I sign into the new site or app?

A: **USERNAME is your existing username (ex: bank). PASSWORD is existing username plus last
4 of your SSN (ex: bank1234)** 

Here is a step by step guide to signing in as an existing user.


Q: My app won’t bring up the login screen, it just spins.

A: Your device is looking for an update and can’t find it. Delete the app, re-install it, and then restart your device.


Q: Where can I find and download my monthly statement from online banking or the app?

A: You can find your monthly statements in the Documents tab. Select Statements as the document type, then select the account you want to view the statement for, then select the date range and click Apply.


Q: Where is bill pay located?

A: Click on the Bill pay and Transfers tab and then click on PAY A BILL to find the bill pay center.


Q: I can’t get bill pay to open, it says that my browser doesn’t allow cookies. 

A: Click Here to find helpful instructions on how to allow cookies. (Instructions for the browsers Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari, and Firefox)


Q: What are “Funds Held By Bank”?

A: Some of your pending debit card transactions will show as “Funds held by bank”. It will show in the hold amount until the transaction(s) fully post to your account, which is usually within three business days. This hold amount could be one transaction or multiple transactions added together.




























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